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September 15, 2023
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We are protectors of the earth

Every day we honor our people’s rich history as caretakers of the land since time immemorial pre-colonial times and in spite of colonial oppressions! 

Latinx people have been protectors of the Earth and continue to do so! Some of us are reclaiming our identity as environmentalists; others are continuing our cultural legacies as land stewards and others are only beginning the collective journey of decolonizing our relationship with the Earth! 

Power to the people! Power to the Earth! ✊🏽

🎥 Videography by Justine Garcia

🎥 Edited by Justine Garcia and Joel Farias Godinez

🎥 Directed and Produced by Noemi Gonzalez

🎥 Executive Producers Nuvia Enriquez and Jose Martinez

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