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January 25, 2024
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Chispa AZ Leads the Charge for Environmental Justice in the Arizona Legislature

The Arizona Legislature is in full swing, and Chispa AZ is at the forefront of the environmental justice movement during this Arizona Legislature season! In a powerful display for Arizona’s Environmental Lobby Day 2024, we mobilized over 30 members to the state capitol, engaging with representatives and championing legislation to safeguard our communities from corporate polluters. 

Our mission also includes advocating for increased tree shade for equity and urging the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) to swiftly pass the clean energy rules.

In collaboration with Sierra Club – Grand Canyon Chapter and Representative Oscar de los Santos, Senators Priya Sunderashun and Mitzi Epstein, we introduced four pieces of legislation: Trees for Kids SB1346 for more funding for our public schools for trees!; HCR 2015 to make environmental equity a reality for all Arizonans; the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) Concurrent Memorial pushing the ACC to pass stricter renewable energy rules!; HB2295 protects our communities from corporate polluters and their facilities! 

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🎥 Videography by Justine Garcia

🎥 Edited by Joel Farias Godinez

🎥 Directed and Produced by Noemi Gonzalez

🎥 Executive Producers Nuvia Enriquez and Jose Martinez

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