We must hold the Arizona Corporation Commission Accountable!

Help us hold the Arizona Corporation Commission accountable!

The Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) is the entity in charge of regulating utility companies such as APS, SRP, TEP, and Southwest Gas. The ACC has the power to keep electricity costs low and require utilities to transition to renewable clean energy.

Yet, despite Arizona being at the frontlines of the climate crisis, facing record-breaking extreme heat every summer, in January 2022, the ACC voted down the 100% clean energy rules – effectively stalling Arizona’s path towards a clean air and clean energy future.

This year alone the ACC has taken these harmful actions:

  • Allowed the APS to raise their electricity rates.
  • Moved to repeal the state’s energy efficiency rules and rules that require the state’s utilities to generate 15% of their electricity from clean energy sources by 2025.
  • Introduced a monthly charge for residential customers with rooftop solar systems in their homes to connect their system to the grid.

And they are not done yet!
The ACC is considering decreasing the rate at which rooftop solar customers are reimbursed for the excess electricity they provide to the grid.

Arizona Corporation Commissioners should protect the interests of consumers and they need to ensure utilities act in our best interest. 

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