Discover our mission to amplify latinx voices and safeguard Arizona’s environment for generations to come! 

Championing Environmental Justice

We are dedicated to empowering Latinx communities to influence policy, protect natural resources, and combat climate change.

Through grassroots advocacy and community engagement, we strive for clean air, safe water, and healthy neighborhoods for the communities worst impacted by the detrimental impacts of climate change. Join the environmental justice movement to build a more sustainable and equitable future for generations to come.


We want to influence government into actions and hold Arizona’sa worst polluters accountable. Chispa Arizona, a program of the League of Conservation Voters, grows Latinxs voices, community power, and civic engagement for a cleaner future in Arizona.


Communities that enjoy clean air and water, open spaces and parks, and the security of knowing that our planet can sustain us today and for future generations.
A democracy in which all people have the opportunity to choose who will represent them, and those representatives are accountable to all their constituents. Participating in our democracy should be easy and accessible.

A strong and powerful environmental movement that reflects the values, priorities and leadership of Latinx communities, low-income families, and communities of color.

our voices matter

Latinos make up 30% of Arizona’s population and, along with low-income and other communities of color, are disproportionately affected by the climate crisis. We must ensure that Latinx families and leaders have a strong voice in the policies that impact our communities and are directly engaged where climate decisions are made. 
We grow our communities’ power by providing the organizing tools, connection and leadership opportunities necessary to take action on local and national environmental issues that matter to us.

Our Values

Transformational Environmental Advocacy

We employ a transformational approach to environmental advocacy; cultivating an unconventional, accessible, and revolutionary movement that meets people where they are.

Courage and Conviction

We act with courage & conviction; holding decision makers and polluters accountable, targeting systemic challenges, and fighting environmental racism.

Equitable and Inclusive Movement

We will build an equitable & inclusive environmental movement that puts people first; one driven by the communities most impacted by climate injustices.



Photo by Steven Luna

Vianey Olivarría

Executive Director
Photo by Steven Luna

Masavi Perrea

Deputy Director
Photo by Steven Luna

Vania Guevera

Advocacy and Political Director
Photo by Steven Luna

Jose Martinez

Operations Director
Photo by Steven Luna

Dana Orozco

Federal Climate Organizer
Photo by Noemi Gonzalez

Nicole Morales

Democracy Director
Photo by Perla Farias

Ana Loaiza

Maricopa County Civic Engagement Organizer
Photo by Joel Godinez Farias

DJ Portugal

Organizing Director
Photo by Steven Luna

Jasmin Loaiza

Community Catalyst Fellow
Photo by Steven Luna

Blanca Abarca

Gardening Community Organizer
Photo by Steven Luna

Araceli Montes Retana

Community Circle Organizer
Photo by Perla Farias

Luiz Vazquez

Yuma County Civic Engagement Organizer
Photo by Ayo Sinplaneta

Nuvia Enriquez

Communications Director
Photo by Mike Cassidy

Nichole Cassidy

Development Director
Photo by Steven Luna

Jessica Bueno

Clean and Green Campaign Manager
Photo by Noemi Gonzalez

Jess Bristow

Senior Community Organizer
Photo by Steven Luna

Julian Zepeda

Senior Community Organizer
Photo by Steven Luna

Noemí “Nemi” Gonzalez

Digital and Creative Manager